Capes & Back Items

3 Fox Tails 24d1w12.png
7 Tail Fox 24d1w12.png

Archfiend Cloak Of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Aristocratic Cloak 24d1w12.png
Arrow Quiver 24d1w12.png


Back Frost Blades 08 de9to1.png
Back Frost Blades 09 de9to1.png
Back-strap Electric Guitar 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Back-strap Guitar 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Backpack of Eggs 09 de9to1.png
Barbarian Sheathed Blade
Battery Cell Pack
Beach Towel de9to1.png
Beach Towel 10
Bear Skin Cloak
Black Cape de9to1.png
Blood Cloak
Blood-Stained Fur Cloak 243rzme.png
Blue Cape de9to1.png
Blue Flag Cloak de9to1.png
Blue Flag Cloak 10 de9to1.png
Blue Kappa Shell
Blue Scarf
Boombox on your back 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Breethen D'irt Cloak 24d1w12.png
Bronze Draconian Wings 243rzme.png
Brown Cape de9to1.png
Bunny on your Back 09 de9to1.png
Bunny on your Back 10 de9to1.png

Cape of Giants 24d1w12.png
Cardinal Cloak 24d1w12.png
Chaos Cloak 243rzme.png
Chaos Spy-eye Wings
Chaotic Draconian Wings 243rzme.png
Class of 2009 Banner de9to1.png
Class Of 2010 Banner
Cloak of Blizzard 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Cloak of Blizzard 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Cloak of Clouds 243rzme.png
Cloak of Dragonwings 243rzme.png
Cloak of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Cloak of Vath 243rzme.png
Courtly Cape 24d1w12.png
Crimson Flight 10 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Crusader Cloak
Cunning Fox Tail 24d1w12.png

Darkblue Cape de9to1.png
Dark Draconian Wings 243rzme.png
Dark Floating Wings
Dark Scarf
Doom Banner 24d1w12.png
Doom Cloak 243rzme.png
Doom Fire 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Doom Worm Creepers 243rzme.png
Dragon Banner 24d1w12.png
Dragon Wings 243rzme.png
Dread Wings 243rzme.png
Dread Heads of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Dwakel Banner

Eternal Flame 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Emerald Eternal Flame 243rzme.png
Explosive Rocket Backpack 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Explosive Rocket Backpack 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png

Fairy Wings 24d1w12.png
Faust Wings
Fiend Clawed Back Appendages
Fiend Cloak Of Miltonius
Fire Imp Tail 243rzme.png
Floating Wings 243rzme.png
Fox Tail 243rzme.png
Frost Drake Wings 243rzme.png
Frost Wyrm Rider Cape
Frostmoglin on your back 08 de9to1.png
Frostmoglin on your back 09 de9to1.png

Gargoyle Wings
Ghostly Cape de9to1.png
Giant Sack of Gifts 08 de9to1.png
Giant Sack of Gifts 09 de9to1.png
Gift Box (Back Item) 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Golden Draconian Wings 243rzme.png
Golden Moglin on your back de9to1.png
Golf Bag 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Golf Bag 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Grand Inquisitor's Cloak
Grass Cloak 243rzme.png
Gravity Cloak 243rzme.png
Gray Feathered Wings 243rzme.png
Great Pumpkin King's Great Vines 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Gressil's Abdomen 243rzme.png
Gressil's Spider Legs 243rzme.png
Green Cape de9to1.png
Green parrot on your Shoulder 243rzme.png
Grim Cloak 24d1w12.png
Grim Feathers 243rzme.png

Halo of Dragonlight 243rzme.png
Haunted Lute
Haunted Umbrella 243rzme.png
Highborn Cloak 243rzme.png
Holy Scuba Gear


Iron Butterfly Wings 24d1w12.png de9to1.png



Karasu Wings 243rzme.png

Laser Pack
Leaf Cape
Light Leather Cloak
Long Red Scarf

Machine Gun Pack
Maximillian's Cape 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Monkey on your back! 243rzme.png
Matriarch's Cloak 243rzme.png

Nekoyasha Mane 243rzme.png
Noble Cloak 24d1w12.png

Octopus Backpack 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Odanata Wings 243rzme.png
Orange Kappa Shell 243rzme.png
O-dokuro on your back 243rzme.png

Pink Cape 09 de9to1.png
Pink Cape 10 de9to1.png
Platinum Wings 243rzme.png
Prismatic Cat's Tail 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Prismatic Draconian Wings 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Purple Draconian Wings 243rzme.png


Razor Wings
Red and Gold Centurion Cape de9to1.png
Red Cape
Red Flag Cloak de9to1.png
Red Flag Cloak 10 de9to1.png
Red Parrot
Red Riding Cape 243rzme.png
Rocket Pack 243rzme.png

Sanguine's Wings 243rzme.png
Santa's Backblades 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Santa's Colorful Backblades 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Samurai Banner
Scorpion Tail 243rzme.pngde9to1.png
Shadow Blades 243rzme.png
Shadow Cape 243rzme.png
Shark Bait's Fin
Sketchy Sheathed Shotgun 243rzme.png
Spider Legs 243rzme.png
Steampack 243rzme.png
Snowball Trebuchet 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Snowball Trebuchet 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Snowman Head Display 08 de9to1.png
Snowman Head Display 09 de9to1.png
Sweetish Fish Tail de9to1.png

Tattered Cape
Tengu Wings 243rzme.png
Tentacles of the Overlord 243rzme.png
Titan's Colossal Sheathed Sword 243rzme.png
Turkey Tail Feathers 08 de9to1.png
Turkey Tail Feathers 09 de9to1.png

Undead Parrot 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Underworld Cloak 243rzme.png
Unidentified 26 (Ordinary Cape)
Unlucky Skeleton Key de9to1.png

Vampire Cape 08 de9to1.png
Vampire Cape 09 de9to1.png
Venom Draconian Wings 243rzme.png
Vulture Wings

Warlord Backblades
Water Draconian Wings
Waynudo Wheel 24d1w12.png
White Cloak
White Feather Wings
White Flag Cloak de9to1.png
White Fur Cloak de9to1.png
Wings of Darkness 24d1w12.png
Wings of Dusk 243rzme.png
Wings of Abyss 24d1w12.png
Wolf Fur Cloak
Wolfwing's Wings


Yellow Cape de9to1.png


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